Overhead Storage with No Heavy Lifting

How I Hurt My Back Again A few weeks ago, I decided to start organizing our garage.  To start, I just wanted to pull the extra clutter (there was a lot of it) out into the driveway.  I put on some grungy clothes, put some tunes on my iPod, and started moving containers, empty boxes, … Read more

Antique Railroad Lanterns Connect to the Past

You never know when you’ll end up owning a valuable collectible. They make TV shows today about people who have discovered that they had treasure hidden right in their own homes in the form of some kind of collectible item. I found myself in possession of a couple of really nice antique railroad lanterns after … Read more

Where Did Playing Cards Come From?

I know that most people nowadays have a lot of electronics around the house to keep them occupied, but do you ever bust out a pack of regular old playing cards?  You know, those old Bicycle brand cards that are stuffed into a kitchen drawer.  Maybe they’re missing a card or two and you use … Read more

Found Some Old Books at a Garage Sale

I got up early yesterday to do a little bit of garage saling.  I didn’t plan on staying out long, so I tried to choose a sale that looked like it might have some older items (those are usually my favorite finds).  Since one of the listings was titled garage sale / estate sale, I … Read more

Doing Some Gardening During the Winter

Indoor gardening can be a fun and fulfilling hobby (or so I’ve been told).  I just like gardening in general, and during the depths of every winter, I get the idea to save some money and start my own plants indoors before spring comes around.  This year, I’ve decided to do more than just think … Read more

Small Ways to Improve Your Life Today

Starting with Baby Steps I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. It was the usual stuff about what was going on in each of our lives. For some reason, it occurred to me at some point that we’d had roughly the same conversation previously. This happened when we each were listing … Read more

What to Do If You Have Too Many Clothes

You Can Help Other People When You Have Too Much Wow.  Talk about a first world problem.  What should you do when you have so many clothes that you can’t possibly store another thing.  That’s a problem that a lot of people in the world would like to have, so maybe the first thing we … Read more

How to Satisfy Older Women Who Drink Too Much Coffee

Do You Need a Single Cup Coffee Brewing System? To be honest, you probably don’t need one of these machines.  You can always reheat coffee from the pot you brewed this morning, stir up enough instant coffee to get you through your caffeine craving, or drive to Starbucks (or even a convenience store) for some … Read more

Full Time Employment Hours and Life

Just some things to think about… How much of your life is devoted to your work?  If it is a significant amount of time, is that work your passion, or just something you feel that you have to do to get by from day to day?  Most people consider full time hours to be about … Read more